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My Class Schedule

8:00am - 8:47am 1st Period - Conf. (This is my off period)
8:51am - 9:38am 2nd Period - Anatomy
9:52am - 10:39am - 3rd Period - Biology
10:43am - 11:30am - 4th Period - Biology
11:34am - 12:21pm - 5th Period - Honors Biology
12:21pm - 12:57pm - LUNCH
1:01pm - 1:48pm - 6th Period - Biology
1:52pm - 2:39pm - 7th Period - Biology
2:43pm - 3:30pm - 8th Period - Biology

Please email me anytime! I'll get back to you as soon as I have a break.

***If your student is absent, I have an absent folder in my classroom where students can pick up any work they have missed. Please let the office know if your student will absent for several days in a row; teachers can send down work and you can pick it up!